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Committee members agree to: 

  1. Respect the reputation, profile and status of WV CEDA, and represent the Association accordingly. 

  2. Act honestly, in good faith, and in the best interests of the entire Association in exercising their duties.

  3. Listen to and respect the opinions of fellow Committee members.

  4. Discuss issues in a co-operative manner.

  5. Recognise that their primary responsibility is to the Association members as a whole but, where appropriate; consider the interests of all stakeholders.

  6. If a conflict of interest arises, declare it to the committee and withdraw when discussion of the issue is held  and not vote on that issue.

  7. Understand that information dealt with by the committee and the discussion surrounding it may be confidential and undertake to respect that confidentiality. Where confidential information is disclosed at a meeting the proponent must declare it as being confidential and request the attendees honour the confidentiality.

  8. Comply with the legal requirements of the association including the Model Rules of the Association, Office of Fair Trading guidelines, the Incorporation Act and other relevant law. 




Members of the Association agree to: 


  1. Understand, support and promote the Purpose of WV CEDA and cooperate with fellow members in the application of this Code of Conduct. ​

  2. Abide by WV CEDA Model Rules for an Incorporated Association and Guidelines for any applicable programs of the Association.​

  3. Respect the reputation, profile and status of WV CEDA and represent the Association accordingly. 

  4. Respect the roles of the Committee Members and volunteers.​

  5. Whenever reasonably possible, participate in the functions and activities of the Association, and promote the enhancement of business growth within the Warburton Valley area.

  6. Observe the highest standards of ethics in rendering services and/or offering products for sale. 

  7. Conduct business and professional activities in a reputable manner to reflect honorably upon the business community and fellow Association members. 

  8. Comply with their industry-specific registration requirements and hold Public Liability Insurance which specifies the business being operated. Members are required to provide documents relating to compliance upon written request by CEDA.​

  9. Refrain from condoning or engaging in misrepresentation or unethical practices.​

  10. Refrain from engaging in any practices prohibited by law or seeking unfair advantage over fellow members and conform to all laws established by Municipal, State and Federal governments for the control of said business, where applicable.​

  11. The failure to adhere to the professional and personal obligations of WV CEDA, as outlined above and the WVCEDA Model Rules for an Incorporated Association can result in the termination of membership as stated in Part 3 of  the Model Rules (Members, Disciplinary Procedures and grievance).



The WV CEDA Social Media Policy serves to protect and enhance the WV CEDA brand through the use of social media.

Our Social Media Policy and Guidelines apply to all WV CEDA employees, contractors, volunteers, and Committee Members working on behalf of the WV CEDA who contribute personally or professionally to any social media tools. 


  1. For consistency and protection of the WV CEDA brand: All posts and comments must be respectful, constructive and add value to the conversation.

  2. Under no circumstances, will WV CEDA  promote any business who is not a member on its social media accounts or website. 

  3. All marketing for WV CEDA and their programs will be done via the official social media accounts and published by WV CEDA 

WV CEDA reserves the right to:

  1. Monitor and control, at its discretion, its brand identity online as well as offline.

  2. Remove comments and/or block users should any conversation become adversarial or antagonistic.

  3. Revoke administrative privileges of anyone not in compliance with its social media policies.

  4. Terminate non-compliant social media accounts.

  5. Modify this policy at any time.

The policies in this document apply to any and all social media accounts that pertain to WV CEDA or its sub-committees. 

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