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Warburton Valley is a picturesque region just over an hour east of Melbourne. Rich in history and home for boutique wineries, fruit orchards, berry farms and organic produce. Combined with unique accommodation, variety of wellness treatments, stunning mountain scenery, great outdoor activities and a thriving arts community, Warburton Valley is a wonderful destination for a relaxing getaway. Its laid-back lifestyle and warm country hospitality offer a welcome break to anyone who wants escape the pressures of everyday life.


Meet  some locals, soak in the beautiful scenery, enjoy some great wine, relax and leave your worries behind. We are so close to Melbourne but when you get here, you will feel worlds apart.  Come and visit us mid-week to get a better feel for the every day life in the country. You will meet more locals and get great deals on accommodation & activities!

Warburton Valley offers a perfect destination for a pre or post tour of a conference or a convention held in Melbourne. Enjoy a memorable day trip or a longer tour with all the highlights that our region has to offer. 

We also have great venues for company events. Whether the goal of your event is to bring people together to teach, inspire or reward, consider Warburton Valley for your next event. If you need to arrange a gala dinner, a meeting or a teambuilding event, we will find you the right place. In the beautiful surrounds of Warburton Valley, away from the hustle & bustle of the city life, your participants can concentrate on the business at hand - be it work or play.


We can help you design your next event, so please get in touch as our members are looking forward to welcoming you!

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